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Cosmo talks


“Telephone for bird!” was Cosmo’s first joke. Before she could talk, when the phone would ring, I would shout “Telephone!” for her benefit and then pick up the receiver. After she found out that I was B’Jean, she would joyfully announce “Telephone for B’Jean” at the top of her little lungs when the phone would ring or when she’d mimic the phone’s ring—“Rrrring!” To my surprise one day, after sounding the rrrring from atop her cage in my bedroom, she shouted, “Telephone for bird!” I broke up laughing. Then she imitated me: “Hahahahaha!” And I couldn’t stop laughing. There we were, a bird and a human, laughing hilariously together! What a moment. You can imagine how often thereafter she crowed “Telephone for bird! Hahahahahaha!”  ... read more read more



COSMO: “Where wanna gonna go?”

BJC: “Betty Jean wanna go to work.”

COSMO: “Cosmo wanna go to work, okay?”

BJC: “No. Cosmo stay home. Cosmo stay home with doggies.”

COSMO: “Okay. Doggies! Come here!” [Cosmo whistles.]

BJC: “Good-bye. I love you.”

COSMO: “Good-bye. I love you. Betty Jean be back soon, okay?”

A typical morning conversation with Cosmo.


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